Monday, February 10, 2014








John Nazarian 

King Of The Scumbags 

 A known associate of serial false accuser and liar Pauley “Star Crazy” Perette, Nazarian is also a known advocate for filing false police reports and is unhappy we exposed this indisputable fact by posting videos showing him doing exactly that. In an act of blatant attempts at altering potentially criminal evidence, Nazarian pulled his videos from YouTube. Then when others began mirroring his videos, he began filing complaints to YouTube to have those mirrored copies of his criminal advocacy removed. So far as we can tell, everyone who has made a point of sharing the evidence of his criminal advocacy has had their videos taken down. So it seemed appropriate to give you all a re-enactment of what John Nazarian, friend of bullying thug Pauley Perette, actually advocates:

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