Thursday, May 31, 2012

Katie Couric: Whaaaaa!! No one loves me.. 

Oh dear, poor old Katie has a "no one loves me" issue and one wonders why ? Then again, not really. I have come across this obnoxious trollop on quite a few occasions where she had no issues whatsoever canning the crap out of men at the blink of an eye. I think Katie is just barking up the wrong tree with the "when will I be loved" comment, as a more suitable question to ask would be to ask why she is such a totally obnoxious harridan, who thrives on abuse, sheer nastiness and denigrating everyone who does not fall into her world purview. This nasty piece of work is the end product of that nasty male hating slut feminist movement and now it wonders why everyone thinks she is nothing more than some obnoxious, loathsome b*tch. One to avoid at all costs, unless ofcourse mangina-hood runs in your veins, which these type of women prefer to partner up with..

Is Couric just a nasty piece of work, well, do bears sh*t in the woods ?

Mainstream scream: Couric pleas, When will I be loved? 
May 29, 2012 -- 10:17 AM

 Link to video.. 

Our weekly look at the loudest screech from the mainstream media features former CBS News anchor Katie Couric, giving the commencement at the University of Virginia, claiming to have been cheated by sexists.

She said, “One of the problems with being a trailblazer is, sometimes you get burned. In those first few months at CBS, TV critics wrote about my clothes, my hair, my makeup, even the way I held my hands. Some said I lacked ‘gravitas,' which I've since decided is Latin for ‘testicles.'...My story may have played out in the public eye, but it's by no means unique. Every one of you will at some point be confronted by naysayers and learn that life isn't always fair. You'll feel cheated, you'll be mistreated. You'll wonder, when will I be loved?’”

Media Research Center Vice President of Research Brent Baker explains our pick: “Apparently, $15 million a year to read off a teleprompter didn't show enough ‘love’ to satisfy Couric. Maybe she would've earned more gravitas if she pursued the harder news path instead of fluff exemplified by giggling along with Nancy Pelosi, as she did one night. And Tuesday she'll host a two hour special on ABC: The Jubilee Queen with Katie Couric.That kind of celebrity news doesn't take cojones.”

Rating: Two of five screams.

by Christian J of What Men Are Saying About Women

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