Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Male Bill of Rights

What is the program of the MRM? What do we want? How about this, for now.

Men and women must face the same punishment for the same crime.

Slander of men will be considered a hate crime.

Men will not be forced, shamed, or manipulated into committing or taking violence on behalf of women, as has happened throughout human history. Women will be held responsible when they do so.

Women will have to fight their own battles, and take full responsibility.

Women will become ethical adults who assume full responsibility for their deeds. They will not be able to blame men, "the patriarchy," or whatever else for their evil actions.

Men will be presumed innocent of all charges, particularly when it's a female accuser.

Feminism will be treated like Nazism, and will be forbidden in education, the media, and all other avenues of culture.

Masculinity in men and femininity in women will be considered sacred.

Religions such as Christianity will respect men as men and women as women, and will not seek to emasculate men and masculate women. The original insights of St. Paul regarding men and women will be followed.

Man-haters will be outed. This includes manginas. Yet we won't have a McCarthyism.

Fathers will possess inalienable rights to raise their children. The parent initiating the divorce will have secondary rights to the children.

False rape accusers, and other false accusers, will receive prison sentences and criminal records. They will be prevented from working in the health, educational, and governmental sectors. A public record of their misdeeds will be kept.

Single motherhood will be shamed out of existence. Tax monies will not go to support this or any other feminist-inspired policies, such as women's shelters.

Violent women will be removed from their families.

Scantily-clad women will be encouraged to dress more modestly and discouraged from complaining about sexual harassment.

Men's suffering, such as prison rape, hard and dangerous work, and shorter lifespans, will feature prominently in the national agenda.

Male heroes from the past will be celebrated, with biographies and educational material developed.

Entrance to educational programs and employment will be based on merit, not sex or skin color.

Excuses will be shamed. People who make excuses will be shamed. Responsibility and duty will become common refrains, especially regarding women.

Motherhood will be valued again.

Daycare will not be subsidized. Again, no tax monies will go towards feminist causes.

Slanderers of men will be punished under hate laws. Feminism will be considered a hate movement and a threat to civilization.

There will be an end to politically correct language.

Courtesy Alcuin

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