Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Laws of the Near Future

Belay my previous post, The Male Bill of Rights has died on the backroom benches floor.
Welcome to a round-up of new laws and initiatives coming to a legislature near you, very soon…

The Presumption of Future Divorce Act
The DNA Contributors Act
The Legal Human Castration Act
The All Female University Act
The Women’s Prison Closure Act
The Presumption of Abuse Act
The Extended Abortion Act
The Rape Allegation Act
The Sexual Harassment Protection Act
The Women’s Health Act
The Pension Reform Act

Read more about the new act HERE

If you think this is satire, it is surely not for the feminists.
It is in line with what most of them are thinking.

Courtesy Man Woman & Myth

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Dulantha said...

Law is only a requirement which must be a set of conventions that are important for the existence of society. Law is not for generating mental stress and being oppress.