Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Murderess Jasmine Richardson attends Mount Royal University

And it was Richardson, who, after hearing her eight year old brother plead, “I’m scared. I’m too young to die,” plunged a knife into his chest.

This murdering bitch is free to attend Mount Royal University in Calgary whilst her parents and younger brother are still dead. The press gives this cunt a pass stating her identity is protected. BULL SHIT THAT IS A LIE!!!!
She is now listed at REGISTER-HER.COM
Read more about this sad stain on humanity HERE
A shout out to my Canadian brothers to post a direct link from the registry to all comment forums possible naming this bitch in the Canadian media.


Dulantha said...

This kind of incidents clearly show the hypocrisy of the society. People still believe that women are innocent even they are worst and wicked. Today the word of humanity is totally corrupted.

Anonymous said...

This little girl needs to get her head checked often.

So sad her parents and her brother had to die for her selfish wants and needs - may you rot in hell little girl, you should be in jail like your boyfriend is - YOU GOT AWAY WITH MURDER YOU PIECE OF SHIT - may you have the same fate as your parents and brother had.

You are a nasty girl and you deserve a life of hell - you drity dirty BITCH!