Saturday, July 30, 2011

Myth: Female sex offenders do not sexually abuse young children

FACT: Female sex offenders mainly target children and adolescents. Studies by Chow & Choy (2002), Denov (2004), Elliot (1994), Federoff et al. (1999), Rudin et al. (1995) and numerous others have shown that women not only can sexually abuse children but that they mainly target children and adolescents and often in a caregivers role (i.e. babysitter, mother, aunt, teacher, etc).

Top Ten Myths About Female Sex Offenders

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Dulantha said...

There is a couple of things that I would like to point out here.

Lesbians are potential sexual abusers and they are sexually abusing underage girls and young teenagers. But media is concealing the related incidents from the society.

Other thing is Lesbians are supporting gays to sexually abuse underage boys securely by using feminism. They are always protecting homosexual child abusers.

Media is very keen to specially point out the incidents of men are abusing underage girls.