Monday, March 7, 2011

Women as a group have become a giant Charlie Sheen…crazy, drug-addled, abusive, paranoid, destructive of themselves and their loved ones, and above all, utterly, utterly in denial of their vile behavior. Women are on a relentless tear, not only destroying their own happiness but dragging all around them down as well. And we men, after 40 years of being the quiet, enabling co-dependent spouse, after cleaning up and justifying and covering up your abuse, putting on face makeup to hide the emotional bruises you give us and hiding the emotional scars you give our children — finally having been pushed to the point where we see very clearly that this this process is headed towards real honest-to-god tragedy, we are doing what anybody in these situations learn to do. What any good counselor or psychiatrist would tell recommend. We are walking away from you, and letting you crash.

We Are Manning Up…That’s Why We’re Walking
from The-Spearhead

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